Perhaps all businesses experience a loss of faith at one point in their growth. Michael guided us back to our passion, rekindling our faith, during an extremely difficult, desperate period, guiding us from the brink of bankruptcy to the firm ground of solvency.

Tambi Harwood
Harwood Construction

Michael Mauldin does outstanding work in helping individuals with personal affairs and financial matters. Michael assists individuals in organizing, advising and gathering facts. I strongly recommend Michael.

Jack Benoun

My first question to myself when I decided to hire a business coach, was why should I pay someone to help me with my own business, who else would know it better than I would? Then, I realized that it is because I was the business and sometimes I couldn’t see the forest because all the trees kept getting in the way.

Michael has been working with me for several years now and it is without a doubt has been an essential part of my business. Having Michael as a constructive non-bias third party helping me look at my challenges with my best interest at heart has been great.

Wa Huong, CFP, ChFC
Global Wealth Management, Inc.

When Michael advises me on my business, he offers the strengths of both a CEO and a spiritual advisor. The result is that I’m more likely to channel my time, energy and resources in ways that bring me both the best business results, and the most personal satisfaction.

Aryae Coopersmith
HR Forums

Michael's insights and coaching have helped my business find its power niches and take off.

Andrew Draeseke

Thanks to Michael and his insights, I was able to overcome my fear of the IRS and get the best possible result from my meeting with them. It’s great having him back me and my business. Thanks again Michael.

Kathy Devita
Kathy's Floral Design

Michael has been a true Godsend to me and my business. He is a great sounding board, helping me think through the tough decisions and issues in my business. Extremely grounding in style and a great listener, Michael is a valuable asset with practical 'next steps' that keep me moving forward. I highly recommend his coaching services.

Denise Corcoron
The Empowered Business

Michael not only provides an objective third-party point of view to your business but also has the expertise and background that avoids a cookie-cutter solution and focuses more on both personal and business change and growth.

Scott Chambers
Oasis Chiropractic

Michael has given me great money-making ideas and great support for carrying them out. He is a great asset to my "team". Thanks, Michael.

Terri Landon
BJ Travel Center, Fremont

Michael's clarity--his ability to see through what appears to be a morass--his "being there" for me in emotion-charged situations when my passion for my work and circumstances collide, and his practical stay-on-track "what have you done to make money today?" has provided invaluable guidance for my business and life.

Bonita Banducci
Banducci Consulting

My small business was growing in some areas and troubled in other areas. Michael came in and helped clear up the trouble and put me back on a smooth growth track.

Ken Aria
Aria Printing & Graphics

Michael helped me focus in on what is important for my business and helped me with scheduling my time. He is a good listener and helped me think through client issues and making decisions. He was a positive influence and gave me encouragement and support. Michael is skilled and has a talent for coaching small businesses. I recommend his services.

Jeanne DiGiacomo
Affordable Tax Services & Bookkeeping

Michael's the best--he's helped my web development business get organized and back on track and set goals for the future.

Marian Briones
Your Great Website.com

Michael has been a great support. His insights and sense of humor have helped me take on the tremendous challenges of the Restaurant business.

Catherine Diaz

Michael is wise and well-centered. He's well worth listening to.

Jo Marshall
Fremont Web Solutions