The Art of Being Real

Last week I was pointing out that being real with yourself, your employees, your customers and your vendors would move you toward success. Some have asked “what is ‘being real’”?

That could be a trick question. Since I’m not the arbiter of what is Reality for you it would be tough to say how to accomplish being real for each and every one of us.
However, I believe that each of you does know what is real by feeling it when it’s present in our own relationships. Who do you know right now that you would say is and has been ‘real’ with you? Real in the moment can be a jumble of feelings but here I’m speaking of those times when the presence of another person attention on you has got your full attention and you want to pay attention to what that person is saying or doing.

To be real is to be genuine, to be authentic, to be open and available to be fully present with another. Some of us may have a hard time with this concept but let me say that if you follow the previous blog instructions you will be on your way to achieving ‘realness’ in terms of being real with another.

Put in business parlance, that means you welcome the opportunity to do business with another person. If you can imagine ‘cherishing’ someone for the business then do so.
We all like feeling cherished, being noticed (in a good way) and being recognized. Think actively about this then act accordingly based on your specific job at the time of an encounter.

Sometimes I go into a business establishment just to experience what kind of greeting or contact is going to happen. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised. Sure, not everyone wants to be greeted at the door or even helped but everyone does want respect.

Think of ways to ‘respect’ your clients, your co-workers, your employees, your vendors.
Your business will be rewarded, and so will you.