Ready, Fire, Aim…

Instead of “ready, fire, aim”, use these 10 questions to guide your business strategy.

  1. What benefit do you offer the consumer?
  2. Exactly who is your consumer? Be specific.
  3. What is your position relative to your competitors?
  4. What barriers exist to keep others from stealing your market share?
  5. How will you (personally) communicate with your customers?
  6. How will you measure the response of your promotions?
  7. Do you have sufficient inventory and manpower to deal with increased demand?
  8. Have you worked through the non-media tools to ensure that you’ve established the framework for a successful media campaign?
  9. What is your month-by-month media plan? Have you planned for enough frequency with your target market? Do you have enough money budgeted to support the plan even if initial sales are weak?
  10. Does your media meet your tactical and strategic goals, or is it just pretty?